JoRISS 2015 Call for Research Projects

The 6th Call for Research Projects of the Joint Research Institute for Science & Society (JoRISS) was officially released on June 1, 2015. In the tradition of previous calls, two categories of projects will be eligible :

  • Projects dealing with the 2015 priority research domain
  • Free topic projects (« Projets blancs »).

If you are interested in initiating or developing a scentific research collaboration between East China Normal University and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon through this 2015 JoRISS call, you are invited to discuss your project with one of the two JoRISS coordinators at your earliest convenience. They will assist you in your search for scientific partners as well as in formatting the project adequately.

2015 Priority Domain : Urban Studies

The accelerated transformation of urban centers is one of the major evolutions of modern times.

This transformation is firstly a quantitative one with the phenomenon of massive urbanization. It is estimated that since 2010 the majority of the world population now lives in cities for the first time in the history of mankind, and that all the main regions of the globe will share this situation by 2030. Such unprecedented urbanization raises numerous and now much discussed challenges in terms of city organization, food production and supply, transportation, environmental impact, health protection… But the transformation is also a qualitative one. Under the pressure of these challenges, as well as a result of additional factors, the face of urban centers is drastically changing. They are not only vastly expanding but also profoundly modifying their architecture, sociology, life-style, technologies…

In connection with these profound changes, the study of urban phenomena has undergone an important development and reshuffling, leading in particular to the establishment of the interdisciplinary field of Urban Studies.

The 2015 JoRISS call for research projects intends to contribute to the further reinforcement and enlargement of this field by solliciting Sino-French research collaboration proposals that may investigate any aspect of the full range of issues raised by the phenomenon of urban centers and contibute to illuminate their on-going revolution.

Free topic Projects

The 6th Call is also open, without any topic limitation, to all research projects satisfying the JoRISS conditions of eligibility.

General conditions of eligibility

All research projects jointly headed by an ECNU investigator and an ENS de Lyon affiliated investigator (CNRS, INSERM, etc… researchers are eligible) can apply. Team members may include researchers from other institutions, especially from University of Lyon partners.

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Reminder : What is JoRISS ?

Created in 2010, the Joint Research Institute for Science & Society (JoRISS) is an international research structure designed to foster Sino-French scientific collaborations between the East China University (ECNU), the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS) and the French National Center for Scientific Investigation (CNRS).

JoRISS has 3 main missions

  • to facilitate scientific contacts leading to the emergence of common research projects ;
  • to incubate new research projects selected via annual calls for projects ;
  • to help the development of research projects previously incubated within JoRISS or independently of JoRISS.


  • Deadline for submission : September 30, 2015
  • Date of notification of results : 2d week of December, 2015